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Terms & Conditions

  • You can not place fresh order for software using this interphase.
  • You must specify Invoice No & Date in Notes Column. This helps us to track the transactions. The transactions may get ignored if correct information is not specified.
  • Reactivation of services will take 48 working hours, if the software of service is revoked due to non-payment of bills/installments on time.
  • Do not pay advanced installments/bills using this gateway. We do not accept advanced installments unless agreed in writing.
  • This gateway is only for existing ITES customers & NOT for new customers. Payment made online is subject to graceful settlement from Bank/Operator. No refund requests shall be entertained in case of online payments.
  • Online payment shall not mandet us for any service and Ananya MultiTech reserves all rights to reject any payment and/or order any time. Refund of payment thus made shall be subject to deduction of 5% bank & service charges.

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